Why did you started blogging?

I started blogging because I think that this is the only way I can share my thoughts and what I really feel and think..also because I love to share with people my everyday life and things that I like. I think that when you’re a blogger you’re able to express everything that you want and nobody is going to criticize you.

Where abouts do you live? 

I live in Lima, Peru a contry in South America..we speak spanish and if you live in Europe or North America when you are in summer we are in winter and if you’re in winter we’re in summer

Do you speak other languages?

My mother tongue is Spanish but I also speak English and French

Where did the name of your blog come?

This is something nobody knows but when I started blogging my blog’s name was ¨Just A Little Note¨ then I discover that it existed a boutique called like that and it has its web page and I inmediately decided to change it and ¨Life With A Little Shine¨ just came to my mine and it sounded really cute so that’s now my blog’s name and I think I wouldn’t change it

What’s you favourite make up brand?

I love MAC and Naked. In my country there are also other brands that I like too but if I write the names you probably won’t know them

How old are you?

I’m 17 years old turning 18 in August 26th. I consider myself a kind of baby in the word of bloggingbbecause most of the blogger that I follow or I read are 20 something, so that makes me feel little.

Are you really short?

If you read my posts you may find that I make fun about my height, but it’s real I’m just 1,55cm..yes I’m really short.

Which days do you write a new blogpost?

I try to do it everyday but if I can’t I have 2 alternatives M-W-F-Su or Tu-T-S

What’s your blog about?

It’s about almost everything..lifestyle, travel, DIYs, bake and beauty

Can we get in contact?

Of course you can follow me here:

Instagram: @rosangela_apaza

Pinterest: Rosangela Apaza @rosangelaapaza

Twitter: @_angela_apaza

Snapchat: rosangela_26

You can follow the blog in Bloglovin

💌E-mail: marangela26@gmail.com

Don’t be afraid of asking me questions, I’ll be anwsering them