25 Facts About Me

Hello everybody! Summer here is going well…however there are some days when it’s really hot outside and it just annoyes me because I can’t do anything eveb sleep! Anyways..I was thinking about doing this post some days ago..because I think you don’t know me very well..so here we go (just trying to remember all the things I need to write)

  1. I was born on August 26th, 1998. Which means I’m 18 years old..turning 19 this year (feeling so old right now lol) and yes I’m Virgo!
  2. I’m 1.55 cm tall (I’m short)
  3. I’m from Peru and I live in Lima. In case you don’t know Peru is in South America between Brazil, Bolivia & the Pacific Ocean
  4. I study architecture…
  5. I love to take photographies of the places I visit, plus I love to record everything..the I edit it, put some music on it and save it in my laptop (just for fun)
  6. My favourite dancer is Diana Vishneva..I just love her!! You should google her..because she is amazing!
  7. I rather 10000 times having winter than having summer
  8. I have never touche/felt the snow (we don’t have snow in Peru)
  9. I have a kind of album in my bedroom in which I have pics of my last year in school and I made my friends write whatever they want there
  10. Christmas is my favourite time of the year..I mean who doesn’t love Christmas??
  11. I love deatails and I love to organize things in my bedroom
  12. I’m a clean freak
  13. My favourite books are Les Misèrables, Pride and Prejudice, the Harry Pottee books and I used to be obssesed with the Divergent ones too.
  14. I used to do artistic gymnastics when I was a kid (it was just one year) then my mom made me quit them and I don’t know why.
  15. Talking about gymnastics..I still obssesed with them..I just love gymnastics, I can watch them countless hours without getting bored specially when they comepete floor. My favourite gymnast like forever is Nastia Liukin.
  16. I speak french and english besides spanish.
  17. A quote: Everything you do..do it with passion
  18. I have a brother and he is just two years younger than me
  19. I have always wanted to go to Disney World and the Olympic Games
  20. I have never smoke, never have and never will
  21. I love How I Met Your Mother
  22. My favorite quote is “Sometimes you have to fall before you can fly” from the movie “Full Out”
  23. I love eat froyo
  24. I won’t change anything in my life
  25. I love take care of babies or kids


I hope you have enjoyed reading my facts and thank you so so much for reading! Love y’all



One Comment Add yours

  1. The Average Gurl says:

    Loved getting to know you better! And you definately need to travel to a place with snow because snow is so pretty and amazing xx


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