2017 Toughts: Looking back in 2016

First post of the year!!! Yay!!! First of all I just wanted to wish y’all the happiest New Year ever! I hope you all have had an incredible time with friends, family and the people you love the most! I wish everyone could accomplish all your goals for this year 2017!!

Btw, I have to admit it 2016 definitely wasn’t my year, even tough I had really good memories..I really hope this year gets better and I’m currently working on that!

Last year has been a really hard year for me…I started going to college which was something new..I mean moving from school to college was a huge step (at least that’s how I felt it lol) Anyways I was really happy at school I used to have really good friends there and still have them but it was difficult because I couldn’t spend as much time as I used to spend with them at school…so making new friendships was a really hard thing….Another thing that was really hard was reorganize my time and all the things I needed to do..I mean when I used to go to school I had time to do homeworks, dancing, relax and maybe go out with some friends..but this year believe me or not I couldn’t do anything….homeworks,proyects and exams really consumed my time and that was one of the reasons I stop writing here (I really couldn’t find a time and well and didn’t use to spend too much time with my bed too) All I can say is that those were like the worst things but know I’m more prepared and I think that this year I’m going to do it better!! I know the things I need to change and obviously I’m going to be more organized since day one! Promise! At the end of the day I know I’m doing something that I love..so I’m so happy for that! 😊

I know that maybe this was borring for someone beacuse is kind of personal..but I really needed to do it.

Thanks y’all so so much for reading (If you read this till the very end) and see you the next time!

xoxo 😘


PS: If you were wondering while reading..here in Peru we start classes in March and finish in December because our summer is during January and March


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  1. LyfWithEm says:

    Nah this wasn’t boring! I enjoy reading personal stories and journal-like posts because they’re relatable and easy to read. I hope you manage to stay organised all year!! I don’t think 2016 was really the year for anyone. Hoping 2017 is going to be better for us all! 🙂

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    1. Awwh thank you ❤ That was so sweet! 😊😊😊


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